LNGS Science Lab

Our technology has now gone so far that even science fiction movies back in the 1940s and 1960s could not offer us things that we have now. Our development is moving with unbelievable speed which is rising every year. It is a big mystery for me at what stage humanity and technological progress will be in next few decades. In my opinion, deep exploration and the examination of Space is our future. The endless darkness is hiding answers to the crucial questions in our lives that have to be answered. Our endless curiosity drives us to explore everything in the world starting from life on earth, to the smallest particles in the Universe, each of them is so small that they have the ability to go straight through Earth almost without any barriers. Scientists at Gran Sasso and across the world are constantly trying to find and invent new ways of coming up with ideas of how to capture these particles, which could lead to a better understanding of the big bang theory, and ultimately finding out how our universe was created. Knowing that, we probably will find out how life was born on the planet Earth. What interests me about sci-fi movies, is that they create a solution for us, a prediction of what might happen in the future whilst at the time the film is created, some of these illusions become reality.